6 Tips and Tricks You Can Try Out on Your Android (ICS) Devices

Yahoo launched a newer version of its Android OPERATING-SYSTEM – the Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4. 0, within the previous quarter of 2011; this release was highly predicted by the Android followers and users all over the world. The brand new OS from Android os has a number of features and functionalities, which made it worth the wait for this highly anticipated version of the Android OS. Android Tricks and Tips

Let all of us look at a number of the tips and tricks which all the Android users out there can use on the Android 4. zero devices. 

Face Unlock – add extra faces

I actually is sure approach some knowledge about the Encounter Unlock feature of the ICS; you can uncover your devices simply by scanning the face using the front camera. This is certainly a great feature which makes certain that your Android phone/tablet remains secure throughout. Yet think of what will happen if you forgot to shave for years or what if you got a new haircut or look of your hair? In such scenario, the device won’t recognize your face isn’t it?

Very well, there is no need to worry since the ICS has the potential to store multiple images of your face. Therefore what that you can do is, click your pictures in several looks such as – sporting a French cut or a goatee, spikes or fishtail braid, fringes or whatever under direct sunlight. Additionally, you can include a good friend to the “visually confirmed user list” to enable you to take their help to uncover the device.

Keep monitor of your data utilization

Monitor your data consumption and curb extra charges using some simple steps. First of all, open up the Settings menu. Following accomplishing this, tap on ‘Data Usage’ and proceed to select ‘Set mobile data limit’. You will notice a red and a natural sliding club; set the red watering hole to set your details consumption and use saving money one to set a warning zone so that you get an alert when you are getting close to your data limit.

Record videos and take photos simultaneously

The brand new camera iphone app for Android os 4. 0 devices allows you to take still photographs while you are recording video tutorials. All you need to do is tap the screen and the picture is preserved to the device’s image gallery on its own. What’s a lot better is that all the snaps are utilized in full resolution.

Very easily close the programs

Today you can close your programs effortlessly on our Android ICS devices simply with a swipe of your finger. Just go to the ‘Recent Apps’ button to see the applications which you are currently using. Tap the icon of the software you want to close and swipe the icon off the screen and your iphone app will be closed instantly. Easy just isn’t it?

Control background techniques

Often, multiple software jogging in the background can drain out your smartphone’s or tablet’s battery. Though, there are debates over this topic, it is better to stay on the safer side and stop the device from storing too many programs in its memory. Above a period of time, you may come to know whether or not this helped you in conserving the battery of your device.

Eliminate the locking mechanism screen

Yes, it is possible to show the lock screen of your Android ICS device the door. The main reason for this is the fact that you can make the phone switch instantly on by urgent the power button. Though this will make your phone a wee bit less secure than the devices held because of your friends, family and colleagues, it is just a good option if you wish instant access to your device anywhere, whenever. Just go to Secureness and select Screen locking mechanism and tap ‘None. ‘

To conclude, I wish if you own an Android 4. 0 device, you will try away at least some, if not all tips and tricks mentioned above and benefit in some way from them.

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