Backup Tape Storage Format Is More Efficient Than Disk Media Technology

Keeping corporate data and business documents is a must required activity for any business house. However the dangers of hackers, viruses, software/hardware malfunctions, etc., have sprouted up as the quantities of data to be stored are on a rise. Medientechnologie von morgen

Thus, the company homes always feel the need to possess a back-up of their business documents. This would substantially help them a lot in an event of your disaster.

While selecting a particular back up storage facility, the THAT managers have to go either with disks or with tapes. Their selection must be in the line of their particular organizations’ requirements.

So, to help the IT professionals in taking a decision that would prove beneficial for their organizations, an evaluation in between these two options has recently been made below:

Costing: The initial point that we will consider here is no other nevertheless the acquisition and operational costs of the two formats. Purchase of tape media is usually estimated to be at least 75 cheaper than that of the disks. Their operational costs for over a moment frame of say, 5 years also promise to be less by 7 times than that of hard disks established technologies.

Supported File Platforms: Both tape technology and disc based technology helps a wide variety of file formats. But here too, the file forms as maintained tape multimedia is slightly higher than that of the disk media. While tape press supports formats like Top DLT, DDS/DAT, LTO, TA, DLT, VXA, and Travan; disc media supports RDX removable disk cartridge, SERIAL ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ATTACHMENT hard drive, and REZZOU.

Speed and Capacity: Recording offers substantial data compression facility that heightens data speeds and storage features. Nearly in all the available tape formats, data compression causes extend both its speed and capacity.

Latest Versions: With the introduction of 2 TB SATA drives, the compact disk based technology plainly lately had an edge over the tape media technology in delivering larger storage space capabilities. But right after, video tape media introduced ultrium 5 cartridges, which has a storage capability of 3 TB (compressed). In circumstance of data encryption too, tape based technology provides smarter option with their LTO5 and LTO ultrium 4 formats.

Robustness: This kind of is another key feature that rates data record technology in the start than their disc centered counterparts. Back up coup are created highly durable and can withstand the shock associated with accidental drops.

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