Career Changers – Get Your Bachelor’s Of Science In Nursing In As Little As One Year

A paper in the New You are able to Times lists nursing as one of the five professions for career corrigers.

There are many reasons for this. For instance, nurses is a career with high demand. The economic climate is currently very unpredictable, with the real property market crash creating layoffs in many industries, from mortgage companies to building, but there is a nursing shortage nationwide which is projected to carry on for the next couple of decades, in line with the American Connection of Colleges of Medical. one sitting Degree

Nursing also pays well, can be practiced in a variety of adjustments, and will offer a great deal of personal satisfaction to someone who may have been stuck in a boring, dead end job. 

The good news, if you already have a bachelor’s degree within an unrelated field, is that nowadays there are many programs which offer an accelerated second bachelor’s degree option.

These types of programs can be completed in as little as one full year, with a term throughout summer, spring, fall, and following summer. Some programs are 18 months long.

Yes, which is a very powerful program, and you should have to put everything else apart for that year. Simply no work, and a very understanding family, are a requirement for success in a program like that.

But at the end of that year or year and a fifty percent as the truth may be, you will have a very valuable degree – a Bachelor’s of Technology in Nursing. It’s a degree that will start doors for you in hospitals and clinics and doctor’s offices and research facilities anywhere in the country.

There are a few courses that you will need to have completed beforehand, but since you currently have a bachelor’s degree, you will most likely have already taken at least some of them – mindset, history, English, and possibly technology and math that you will need.

Expanded Second Bachelor’s Degrees are now offered all across the. According to a May 2007 article on the American Association of Colleges of Nursing website, the courses are offered in 43 states, the District of Columbia and Guam – with 40 new programs in the works! They also found that in 2006, there were 8, 493 students enrolled in these programs nationwide – up from 2, 422 students in 2004. So evidently the popularity of these programs is skyrocketing in response to the great demand for registered nurses countrywide.

The article describes second bachelor’s degree students as more motivated, educated and focused than many new students. Sound like you? If you are thinking of a career change, you might want to check with your State Panel of Nursing to learn if there are any of these programs located around you.

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