Carefree Awning Review

Lighthearted Awning: Making the Exterior of the RV House

Whether you have a motor home, travel truck, folding trailer, or pickup truck camper, solutions it is a home away from home. Rendering it look great and give you maximum comfort is one of your main goals. One particular of the ways to achieve this is to invest in a Happy-go-lucky Awning for your truck. These awnings provide tone from the sun and a spot of away the rain. They also personalize the trailer and add to the outdoor living space. hobie mirage eclipse speed

Awning Types

The type of awning which you buy will rely upon the sort of RV that you have. In conditions of any motor home, there are 12 different outdoor patio awnings to choose from. A lot of them are operated manually, and some can be opened and closed with the force of a button. The Paramount is three awnings in one, including a slideout, window, and full patio awning. The elegant Mirage automatically retracts when it detects high wind gusts. Companion awnings are produced specifically for windows and doorways.

There are nine outdoor patio awnings for travel trailers. The Eclipse opens in seconds after pushing a button, unrolling a durable, attractive awning. The Liberty Roof Mount awning has legs that unfold at eye level. They also offer slideout and associate awnings for travel trailers.

For pop-up campers, there is a bag awning available. Carefree offers smaller versions for truck outdoorsmen, nevertheless they still come in patio, companion, and slideout options.


Carefree Awning offers accessories to increase the look and functionality of your product. There are special lights that can be installed to help you enjoy your outdoor space through the night and keep bugs away. You can aquire a shade that hangs from the awning to keep the sun out. If you wish to screen in the area or make it into another room, Carefree offers products that do just that. Most of these accessories can be removed easily and stored in bags for easy travel.

Some computerized awnings, including the Eclipse, come with a push-button remote device to help you easily control the awning from anywhere inside or beyond the RV. There are also awning mats to give you a living surface to place furniture and chairs on.

Substitute Fabric

In case you have an old, worn-out awning, then Lighthearted can help with a lot of colours to choose from. Replacement fabric types include vinyl, acrylic, and polyweave. The replacements are available for window and door awnings, too. The fabrics come in a variety of solid colors or patterns and can be installed for a reasonable price. Fixing the awning will make the whole RV look better and give you more protection and reliability.

Regardless of what type of RV you own, Carefree Awning has an awning, accessory, or replacement fabric to increase the look and usability of your camper. If you need tone, privacy, to maintain your glitches out, or to increase your outdoor living space, an awning is the perfect way to meet all of these needs. It helps to make your RV a genuine home away from home.

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