Crazy Heart Earns Top Oscar Nominations

“Crazy Heart, ” the crisis starring Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal earned top nominations at the recent announcement of nominees for the 82nd Academy Accolades. The movie received 3 Oscar nods including no less than an ideal Actor nomination for Rob Bridges, Best Supporting Presenter for Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Best Original Song for “The Weary Kind, inches which was co-written by T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham. Blogging Crazy

Since their release a year ago, the movie has already sent the music blog universe abuzz with its country music theme and of course, Bridges’ performance as Negative Blake, a country music songwriter singing self-penned country songs. In the movie, Blake is down and out and already way past his prime but decides to turn his life around when this individual meets Jean, a correspondent played by Gyllenhaal. The screenplay was written and directed by Scott Cooper, based on the book of the same name written by Thomas Cobb. 

Aside from the business lead actors’ stellar performance, the movie in addition has gained the admiration of country music fans due to the authenticity and in fact, this is just what attracted Bridges to the job. Bridges admits he believed right at home while doing the movie. Matching to him, “Music’s recently been a major part of my life for a long time. Did a record a while back again. I really dig country music. ” Anybody who has seen the movie will also agree, and in fact this is the general consensus in the top country music blogs, that Bridges would play the role to a T. Actually this individual enjoyed singing the tracks in the movie’s soundtrack. “They were all really good tunes, and really fun to play. That ‘Hold on You, ‘ I simply loved that. We loved that ‘Fallin’ and Flyin” song, a Sophie Burton song. And Johnson Bingham wrote one called ‘The Weary Kind’ that sticks with me, too. ”

When asked from whom he drew the inspiration to learn the business lead part, Bridges said, “Kris Kristofferson was one of the fellows I thought about for taking a look at how to play Bad Blake [his character in the film]. But my biggest role model was clearly a fellow named Sophie Bruton, played with Kristofferson for years. Having recently been a songwriter out of Austin, a guitar player who made these wonderful, sparse albums with Kris. Having been my right hand man, with me at night every step of the way, instructing me the songs. The movie is dedicated to him. We had an excellent time, the last few months of his life, working on this collectively. ”

With his recent nomination, Bridges seem to be to be enjoying this unpredicted bit of news. Following hearing of the candidate selection, he said, “I’m so grateful to have the honor of a sixth Oscar nomination, but to share this with my Crazy Heart colleagues Capital t Bone and Ryan and my amazing co-star Margaret is actually special – this film is near and dear to my center and theirs. I want to thank the School for being so kind to me for the past 40 years, and i also want to thank my director Jeff Cooper for helping bring Bad Blake to life, also to my wonderful partner Sue for being there for me the previous 33 years. Today is filled with blessings. inches

The country music blog community, the music followers and, and the entire community will certainly is the rooting for this film come Oscar night.

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