Hammock Swing Chairs – Hanging a Hammock Swing Made Simple

one particular ) PREPARATION

Have you found the perfect shrub branch for hanging your hammock swing chair? Possess you determined that the branch is sufficiently strong to support a hammock swing? Is the woods branch level so that the chain supporting the chair will not glide? Perhaps you have cleared the earth area of large plants and debris and created a level surface? For anyone who is ready to enjoy your relaxing hangout but are having difficulty starting the process, follow these simple guidelines. There are many supplies that will work for hanging a hammock golf swing chair from a shrub, but here is merely one approach which involves the assistance of a good friend, the use of a tape measure and a strong ladder, as well as the purchase of these items: hammocks for sale

-Link or Coil Chain
-Quick Links (Quantity 2)
-Plastic Lines

Before you go to the store, ask a friend to help you to measure for hammock swing chair hanging materials. You will use the tape measure to look for the length of the chain and plastic-type material tubing (for tree protection) needed for properly hanging your hammock swing. The chain will fit inside the plastic tubing before you wrap it around the branch.

While you carefully stand on the ladder with a strapping measure in hand, have your assistant hold up the hammock swing couch so the bottom of the chair is approximately 2 feet above ground level. Keep in mind the hammock swing stretches when someone sits in it, which means you will have to allow for this factor, also. Now calculate the space up from the clinging ring (attached to the best of your hammock golf swing chair) to the underlying part of the branch, plus the additional distance that is needed to encircle the branch with string. Add eight inches to the number to allow some slack. (In other words, gauge the circumference of the branch, add the eight inches slack, and add the additional distance you measured the string must hang down to reach the hanging engagement ring. ) The length of the plastic tubing should be the circumference of the tree branch plus eight inches of slack.

Remember, you are encompassing the chain around a living and growing woods and you want to protect the cambium of the tree with the plastic tubing. Be sure to write your computations for chain length and tubing length onto a note pad so that you will are not scratching your head and trying to not forget what you measured later when you are at the store purchasing your supplies.


Visit your local hardware store to get the necessary supplies:

Outdoor Website link or Coil Chain (Read chain label and choose chain with strength to support much more than the weight capacity of your hammock swing chair, for example, 1000 lbs. )

Quick Links–Quantity 2 (These links look like a link of chain with the addition of a side that can be unscrewed to be fastened to a link of chain. Select Quick Backlinks that will hold significantly more than the weight capacity of the hammock swing chair, for example 1000 lbs. Check to make certain that two links of your chain will fit on the Quick Website link selected. )

Plastic lines (This tubing can be found in the domestic plumbing part of most hardware stores. Pick a type big enough for the chain to slip through the conduit. )

The sizes and dimensions of supplies required to hang a hammock swing will vary in line with the kind of chair, height of tree branch and area of tree branch, and so on.


Once you have purchased your premeasured length of chain, the 2 Quick Links, and the predetermined length of clear plastic tubing, you are ready to hang your hammock swing chair with the aid of your friend.

First, go the chain into and through the plastic hoses before you climb on the ladder.

Second, carefully climb the ladder and encircle the tree part with the part of the chain that is running through the plastic-type material tubing.

Third, hook up one end link of the chain to the body of the chain with one of the Speedy Links, allowing for the slack. (Remember the slack permits continued growth of the branch. ) Prior to you actually tighten this Quick Link, determine that the remainder of the chain that is dangling down extends the appropriate distance to meet the hammock ring. Having your helper hold up the hammock swing so that the bottom of the chair is the proper distance from the floor will allow you to make this last adjustment so you have nor an excess or scarcity of chain available. (Be sure to allow for the fact that the hammock swing chair flexes downward when you stay in it because the fabric stretches to some degree. )

Fourth, hook up the hammock swing seat hanging ring to the end of the hanging chain with the outstanding Quick Link.

Finally, if there are no small adjustments to make in the placement of the Quick Links, tighten the Quick Links appropriately, move the ladder aside, and enjoy sitting in your hammock swing chair. Possess a soothing day.

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