Oracle Exam 1z0-062 Is Being Retired: What Does That Mean to Me?

Oracle Certification announced the old age of several exams on March 13, including 1z0-062: Program with PL/SQL. This kind of exam satisfies the PL/SQL component to become an Oracle PL/SQL Developer Qualified Associate. Originally developed while Oracle 9i was the current database release, there has been speculation for quite a while that this exam would be retired. As of the announcement, the exam will no longer be available after July 31st, 2013. Oracle professionals that are following a PL/SQL development path have recently been asking what effect this retirement will have on the process of getting the PL/SQL OCA recognition. The effect of the announcement and what activities you is going to take rely upon what level of the PL/SQL recognition process you are in. 1z0-062 dumps

For those who have passed 1z0-062 — For many who have already approved the test, test retirement living means nothing at all. Oracle certifications and exam results do not change for the exam is retired. The sole people afflicted by the old age are those who have not as yet taken it. Following the cut-off date, it will no longer be possible to schedule the exam.

Should you be currently setting up for 1z0-062 — In the event that you are currently in the process of learning for this exam, and are practically ready to take it, then you should complete your planning and schedule the exam. Do not possible until the last minute. You want to leave enough time to retake it if you do not complete on the first make an effort. Once the deadline is long gone, you will not be able to schedule test for any reason. If you are finding your way through the exam, but have just started, you could consider the next option.

For those who have not begun planning yet — If you are planning to take the 1z0-062 exam, but have not begun to prepare for it at the moment, I would recommend that you pursue the replacement unit exam, 1z0-062: Oracle Data source 11g: Program with PL/SQL. The two exams have the same purpose and passing either in line with a SQL exam will grant the PL/SQL OCA. The 1Z0-144 exam will not be out of production for several years, so you will have sufficient time to make for it.
1z0-062 has a significant percentage of common subject areas. Yet , 1z0-062 has recently been considerably rewritten. The exam contains news that were added to the PL/SQL engine in Oracle 10G and 11G. However, test has also added a significant volume of subject areas for core PL/SQL skills. The majority of of these arguably must have been included as part of 1z0-062. I have researched both tests complex and I firmly assume that 1Z0-144 is the better of the two by far. The retirement of 1z0-062 is long past due.

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