Oracle SQL Certification: 1z0-066 dumps

The first of the Oracle 12c recognition exams to go into production is 1z0-066: Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals. Oracle University or college put this exam into production almost simultaneously with the retirement of the much older exam 1z0-066: Introduction to Oracle9i SQL. However, the 11g version of the SQL Basics exam, 1z0-066, remains available. Having two equivalent tests in production causes a fair amount of misunderstandings among recognition candidates. In the following paragraphs I will discuss the two exams, what is different between them, and the way to choose one over the other. 1z0-066 dumps

Either will meet the SQL requirement for the “Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate” or “Oracle PL/SQL Developer Accredited Associate” tracks. The SQL requirement can be satisfied by passing 1z0-066: Oracle Databases SQL Expert. Nevertheless

1z0-066 is a considerably harder exam than either 1z0-066. This is certainly an option that should only be considered if you have worked with Oracle SQL extensively. This post centers on the SQL principles exams.

The 11g and 12c SQL Fundamentals tests are almost identical in conditions of content protected and requirements satisfied for Oracle certifications. Oracle will not require you to use the 12c SQL Principles when following a 12c DBA track and also the 11g exam for the DBA track in that release. Any Oracle SQL exam (including retired ones) can be used for any Oracle recognition track that has a SQL necessity. For example, the SQL test I took over a decade ago was 1z0-066: Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL. That test has been the particular for many years, but could still be requested the 12c track.

Even though the content of the two exams is very similar, there are a few differences. Both equally 1z0-066 contain forty-one topics. Of the people, thirty-six are common to both exams. This means the tests have about 88% commonality by topic depend. The final section of the 11g exam (Creating Additional Schema Objects) was removed from the exam in the 12c version. The subject areas covered in that section are:

Create simple and complex views
Obtain data from views
Make, maintain, and use sequences
Create and keep indexes
Produce private and public alternatives

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