Are You New to Online Marketing? For the New Internet Marketer

All of us hear a lot nowadays about online and internet marketing. Often those two words – online and internet – mean the same thing. We will not treat them any in a different way here either. Internet marketing, online marketing, web marketing are all the same for the purposes of the article. The previous time you were on the internet, you most likely noticed a story or ad about some “massive” or “mega” or “explosive” earnings achievement that some “professional” has received on the internet. Usually, the story includes some kind of invite for you. You should come join them and do the same thing they were doing, they say. “You too can realize huge successes on the internet almost over night! ” And, it usually doesn’t cost you very much either, at least at first. Let’s see, how does that stating go? “If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. ” That applies to what you see and hear online or on the internet as well as offline. While many of us hear a lot today about internet marketing, why don’t we see if we can sort out a few things for folks that are new. Robin ooi

(Note: We’ll use the term “newbies”. This really is a common term you will see on the internet too. Wheresoever possible in this article, we will use conditions and brands as if you will see them on the internet so it won’t be that confusing).

For internet marketing, what do you imagine is so different from other types of marketing? At a basic level, there really isn’t much difference at all. The big marketing principles have to be addressed. Both equally offline and online marketing have to include products, pricing, promotion and position. Let’s look at each of these in somewhat more detail. Product is pretty obvious. You have to have something to market and it has to meet a purpose. If perhaps it doesn’t, no-one will buy it. The price must be right whether you are marketing online or offline. Placement is very straightforward for internet marketing. The product is available and can be purchased “online”. For offline marketing, placement means you need to worry about where your customers can find the products you sell. What stores will take your products? Online marketing is significantly easier from that perspective. The merchandise is available and can be purchased on the internet. So, that leaves promotion. This area of promoting is different on the internet than in a store or for an offline deal. This is actually the biggest difference between internet marketing and high street marketing. 

For internet marketing, promotions (reaching and conversing with potential customers) play a pretty big role in your success. Presently there are billions of men and women on the internet at any one time. How you reach these people and what you say to them will convince these to buy your product, you hope. When you are new to internet marketing, one of the first challenges is to find out all of the ways you can market or promote a product (or service) online. You also have to have a good understanding of what makes up a great advertising. Those of us that describe ourselves as “internet marketers” have all recently been with this newbie stage. Several have started marketing online more recently than others and some will actually start today.

That is one of the best reasons for the internet. Because a newbie, you have access to the same information at the same time as the apparent “experts”. And, as a newbie you will have use of newer information and oftimes be more inclined to try new and different things. A lot of the “millionaire” experts or gurus will tell you that the only way to be as good as they are is to follow a formula or menu. They would be very happy to sell you that formula too! Nevertheless, because the internet and people online change so rapidly, you will be successful seeking new and various strategies. To be successful as a web marketer, you need to spend a little while learning about online promotions – how to reach customers, what you should say to them, and how to proceed to keep them coming back.

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