Sharks Smelling Oracle Big Data Blood?

The central aspect in the unfolding of Business Intellect history is predictive stats and a shift has been underway in making use of this technology among all BI Megavendors. Gartner wants that Big Data will drive $34 billion in IT spending worldwide this year. A Boeing aircraft generates 10 terabytes of information per engine every 30 minutes of trip, according to Stephen Brobst, the CTO of Teradata. Likewise, it is approximated that the number of devices linked to the Internet– currently 9 billion– will reach 50 million by the end of the decade. These devices will be churning away loads of data almost all of which are unstructured (videos, images, audios). Although Predictive stats falls under Business Brains (some disagree), it is different than traditional DRONE in that BI represents reports, visualizations, scorecards, dashes whereas Predictive analytics uses machine learning algorithms to predict the probability of outcomes. Businesses that undertake predictive analytics can reduce risks, cut costs, and save. spring certification

Oracle has recently been the subject of severe criticism in recent several weeks because it has were too late on the Big Data strategy and its demise is a foregone conclusion. These are some of the head lines in recent weeks…

“Oracle’s Database Empire Facing Dangerous Threat From SLI”

“Cracks in the Oracle Empire”

“Oracle is in Big Trouble: Big Data is to Blame”

“IBM’s Fresh Big Data Solution Can Hurt Oracle’s New Sales”

“Big Data, Not Negative Sales Execution, Is True Threat to Oracle”

Rarely anyone contests that DRONE landscape has changed, but to single out Oracle among the BI Megavendors seems contrived. It is reminiscent of the episodes on Oracle throughout the 90’s Database Wars. I began working with Oracle Data source in 1990 right after finishing graduate school and I have been pursuing its trajectory ever since. Therefore, I have the luxurious of looking at these events from the hindsight perspective of knowing what has happened in the past. Hence, give a starkly different narrative. The castigation of Oracle is untenable on several levels not the least of which is that Oracle performed better than Microsoft company and IBM in previous year’s Software Market earnings growth, According to IDC’s data. SAP’s earnings progressed the most at 5. 1% followed by Oracle at 3. 9 percent, thus from the says that the company will end-up in the dustbin of history, Oracle has a proper business. I can recall five major problems that Oracle had to overcome in the previous 23 years and the omnipotent Oracle has proven repeatedly that it is a strategic player, a master of brinkmanship, and can withstand Hurricanes and emerge with an untrained victory. The swiftness which it acted on it is remarkably ambitious scheme that brought SUN under their wings is a circumstance in point.

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