Studying for 1z0-060: Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators

Oracle 11G has been to several years now. In the event that you are an Oracle 10g DBA certified professional and have not yet upgraded, you should consider doing so. I was first certified in Oracle 7, so I have taken several upgrade accreditations. I have always found studying for the update certifications to be valuable for learning about changes to the capacities of Oracle that are useful to me in my work. Mind you, My spouse and i will freely grant that for each and every new feature that is of use to me, there are another eight or nine that I will not care about in the least. In this article Let myself try to provide a glimpse into some of what types  of questions you will face on quality to help guide your preparation. 1z0-060 dumps

All of the subject areas that will be covered in the 1z0-060 exam are outlined on the Oracle Education website. There are features that are new in Oracle 11G that are not on that list. These features is not going to look in test questions. The subject lists from Oracle Education are always complete. The 11G New Features exam has fifty-eight issues spread among sixteen subject matter areas. With 77 questions, you will generally see one or two questions per topic.

From my experience, Oracle upgrade assessments bear some resemblance to marketing documents. The features that will appear most prominently on the tests will be the ones that provide Oracle with an edge over rivalling RDBMS platforms. These is definitely the features that will get the most questions asked. If you are studying for 1z0-060, place in some extra hard work on these kind of enhancements. Likewise, keep in mind that new features exams aren’t really about testing your ability to use Oracle. As an Oracle Authorized DBA, it is thought that you can already use the database. Intended for this exam, you will be likely to be able to answer questions about:

What new functions have been added to the database with 11G.
Certain concerns when upgrading an existing database to the new version.
How changes in the release have an effect on routine administration of the database.
The steps required to enable, disable, or configure the new feature.
For the last, understand that quality will not have you programming PL/SQL statements or navigating a GUI interface during the test. Questions for features that involve coding or use of Oracle Organization Manager can only be tested indirectly. What is mostly being tested is whether or not you are aware of the existence of the media, the purpose of the features, and the fundamentals of enabling them. Some features might require a simple command, or new key word to implement. If that is the case, you need to understand the new command or keyword. Other features might require dozens of lines of PL/SQL. In these cases, you might need to learn the steps to implement, however, you won’t be required to look at a webpage packed with code and determine whether or not it will work.

1z0-060 was not one of the more complex of the Oracle documentation studies that I have considered. It is almost totally fact-based rather than being experience-based. Given the size of the material being tested, it might hardly be otherwise. Reading the Fresh Features manual provided by the Oracle 11G documents is a reasonable destination to start studying, but is not sufficient in and of itself to complete test. The manual is made up of many features that are not on quality, and few of the examined issues are covered in enough depth for the questions that is to be asked. Make sure you are more comfortable with all of the issues before scheduling the exam. Great luck on test.

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