What’s the Best Font to Use for Your Blog or Website?

You might want to have fancy looking baptistère and change fonts every other line but the experienced blogger knows, that when it comes to fonts and the web, it is always best to retain it simple. top modern fonts

Not really every computer has every font!

When you choose the font you want you require to remember that not every computer has every font attached to it. In particular, most people don’t have the fancy fonts installed on their machines. If you choose one of these fonts for your blog it will not screen how you will want it to on a machine that doesn’t have that font installed. In fact, it will screen the default font instead, which will not give the look you were hoping for and may even well drive people far from your blog.

So when writing blog your blog articles and designing your blog themes, retain in mind the availability of fonts when choosing the best typeface to use for your blog.

So, just how do we know which fonts most people have?

These baptistère are commonly known as ‘web safe fonts’ and you’ll probably find the best font to use for your blog between them.

This is the set of the 10 most used/installed fonts online since Feb . 25th 2012 [courtesy of Codestyle] and what percentage they are really used/installed.

Lucida Sans-100. 0%
Tahoma – 99. 95%
Arial – 99. 85%
Verdana – 99. 85%
Ms Sans Serif – 99. 80%
Courier New – 99. 75%
Times Fresh Roman – 99. 70 percent
Trebuchet MS – 99. 70%
Comic Sans MASTER OF SCIENCE -99. 46%
Georgia – 99. 12%
There’s not a lot of big difference between the percentages for these fonts which means you are quite safe to use some of the both in the knowledge that they will be installed on the machine your reader is using.

How easy could it be to read the font?

After we have taken a look at the above data and seen if our chosen font is the one which is widely available we next have to consider how easy that font will be to read. In other words, how will it display on a monitor.

These are the four different types (or families) of Web Free from danger Fonts:

sans serif
fantasy or cursive

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